Head teacher’s Welcome Back

I would like to welcome all students back to school and we look forward to your extensive support that we enjoyed in the previous academic year.  I would also like to thank you all for attending the recent SDL awareness event and for the positive feedback.



SDL Update

We hope the SDL awareness event that took place on the 5th September led by Mr Collins and myself has provided you with a deeper understanding of SDL as a learning strategy and that you are now more equipped to support your child as they immerse themselves in SDL across all their subjects in Year 7 and Year 8.

We will keep you informed and should you require any further clarification on the process please feel free to contact subject teachers in the first instance but I will also be available to answer any queries.

Curriculum Enrichment Update

The new approaches to educating our students have commenced;

Kickstart – Year 7 which is a programme developed to allow students to gain vital skills in order to fully access the curriculum and to be optimally rounded in personal development skills.

Headstart – Year 8 – is an amalgamation of careers and PSHE.

Aspire – Year 12 and Year 13

Aspire is a series of courses in awareness, problem solving, leadership, business entrepreneurial and presentation skills and readiness for work.


(Extended Project Qualification) for Year 12 and Year 13.  EPQ is a research based course surrounding topics of the student’s own choice which doesn’t involve a formal exam but is equivalent to more than half of an A level.

Focus 20 Intervention Update

What?  Focus 20 interventions

Why?  To close the gaps in students’ knowledge with respect to their targets and flight paths

When?  Every Wednesday, commencing 14th September 2016. Review every 4 weeks

Duration of lessons?  45-50 minutes

Where?  Stoke Poges Campus

For who?  Selected students based on progress data; parents will be individually notified.

Results Update

Results this year have been extraordinary in many respects and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support particularly with early lessons leading up to the exams, as we where we feel, a number of gaps were closed for our children.

Even though the data is still currently unvalidated I can report to you that we are in the top 4 Focus schools for value added – value added is the difference in the progress made from Year 7 to Year 11.

For example: a child is predicted to achieve a ‘C’ grade at GCSE and actually achieves a grade ‘C’ in their exam: value added = 0.  If the same child achieves a grade ‘B’ in their exam then value added = +1.

100% of our students achieved A* to E at A level for the first time at this Campus.

94% of students passed A* to C at GCSE.

These results are extremely positive and can now be considered ‘history’ as we have a task ahead of us to improve on these results during this academic year.

 Upcoming Events

  • All students and staff have been encouraged to join the school choir with practise sessions taking place on Thursday lunchtimes led by Mr Dimond.
  • Mr Dimond has plans to put on a musical event within this half term – date to be advised.
  • Year 10 and Y11 will be taking a trip to Bletchley Park on 26th

New Staff

We would like to formally welcome Dr Draper – Head of Science, Mr Dimond – teacher of Music, Miss Williams – KS3 teacher of English, Mr Rowbottom – teacher of DT & Graphics, Mrs Lloyd – teacher of PE and Science across Primary and Secondary, Mrs Bist – Teaching Assistant to Stoke Poges Campus.

Yours sincerely,

Connery Wiltshire



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