Our vision is to be a world class school. We aim to achieve this through the daily pursuit of excellence and the commitment of all staff, students, parents and trustees to our core values which we refer to as our Strategic Pillars.

Our core values are Integrity, Care and Compassion, Respect, Responsibility and Commitment

Our vision is summed up in our mission A global education ecosystem that develops life-ready students who learn how to learn.

We passionately believe that ALL children should achieve well at Stoke Poges Campus, regardless of gender or ability.

‘Every day in every classroom when every student is learning and achieving, within a safe, supportive, inclusive and disciplined learning environment, only then we are unified in the pursuit of excellence’.

Here at Stoke Poges campus, at home and in our community, excellence is generally described as the quality we accomplish.  This is a goal to obtain; a set of rules to follow, examination grades to achieve, values we wish to have and live by.

  • We must give our absolute best effort every time.
  • We must persist through ups and downs associated with becoming our best.
  • There will be times when obstacles seem insurmountable.
  • We must remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  • We have to be willing to push a little harder and to reach beyond where we are right now.
  • Striving to improve and to create new personal benchmarks.