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We have recently completed the School Improvement Plan and identified our priorities for the coming year. The School Improvement Plan is created through looking at the progress the school has made this year and informed by other factors such as the recent inspection reports, parents’ and students’ feedback and local and national educational developments. In an effort to keep the plan to a manageable size some of the items are brief summaries and may not be immediately obvious to those who are not familiar with how schools work. Should you require more information about an item please contact the school.


1.1 Ensure the more able students are challenged appropriately and are consistently achieving a greater depth of understanding across all subjects.

1.2 To improve the quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

1.3 To improve the quality of students’ personal organisation, Self-Directed learning skills and attitude to learning.

1.4 To ensure all SEND students consistently achieve at or above their expected level.



2.1 Staying Safe – Ensure all students are able to identify how to keep safe when using technology.

2.2 Self-Understanding – Ensure all stakeholders understand the attitude to learning criteria (A2L) and how this links to academic progress.

2.3  Inclusion & Culture – Ensure all students have an increased awareness of cultural diversity and inclusion (2010 Equalities Act).

2.4  Staying Safe & Wellbeing- To ensure staff and students have an increased understanding of how to keep themselves mentally strong and how to access help if needed.