The Winter Tournament was a day which was relished by all. The atmosphere was manic with passion. With the three universal crews pacing up and down the touch lines, the gathering were motivated to see them face each other.  The broad-shouldered schoolboys began with football in the morning, and the girls started with football too due to unforeseen weather prolapses on the hockey arena. A lot of fierce and some very serious looking parents and supporters chanting their way through every game until midday.  After lunch and a short-lived spotting of the other half of our teams, everyone trundled their way through much suffering and cramp to the basketball hall, which once again proved to be very entertaining as most of the boys are semi – professional, not sure what could be said of the girls but some good play was sighted now and again.  Eventually the day came to a draw with us being man handled off the basketball as we ran out of time, anyway, we held our breath until the next day to hear the results and in 3rd place we have the Tremendous Troopers, and in 2nd place we have the Raucous Raiders, so obviously in 1st place in come the Whooping Warriors. One clap for Warriors.