12 Feb

  • By lukeb

It all began at a merry 6th formers party, post-exams 2016.  Only a small proportion of our class were 18yrs old, meaning that the majority of us looked on forlornly, sipping fruit juice, as the favoured few enjoyed fresh alcoholic cocktails to celebrate their achievements.  There were also those that were unable to have a cocktail due to their health, whilst others simply abstained. The party was divided; our class couldn’t celebrate together as intended. 

This led to extensive research on other non-alcoholic alternatives, resulting in the exciting discovery of the up-and-coming ‘Mocktail’!  Seeing that this was exactly what we wanted, we looked further into the market for non-alcoholic cocktails in order to quench our desires.  We drew a sad blank.  The market was awash with products for alcoholic cocktails, but not for Mocktails.  Then we had our ‘lightbulb’ moment.  This gap in the market was just what the budding group of entrepreneurs needed.  And so to the soundtrack of laughter and clinking glasses, Blend was brought into the world…

To follow click: www.blendmocktails.com