10 Jan

  • By lukeb

After a long and tiring day, we sadly watched the school buses slowly vanish from our sight. My Year 11 class trudged up to the French room, discouraged and disheartened to be met with the unknown. A motivational speaker, keen businessmen and avid runner raised in Swindon met us with a grin. Sitting spellbound, we listened as Bob explained to us that motivation is split into many parts clarified that a pinch of enthusiasm will get you an awfully long way. Afterwards, we asked many challenging questions; how do you get motivated in the first place? Bob enlightened us that only you, yourself can motivate from within. You can’t be motivated by others, although you do need a support team to help you through those hard times. After an hour session we jumped up ready and raring to start all our new resolutions straight away. The Team 11 event on the evening on Monday 28th January will certainly give us a chance to show what we can do as a team… so Bob, thank you for your inspiring talk, it will definitely help us through the challenge of exams ahead. We look forward to hearing from you again at our Team 11 event.

Courtney Robertson (Year 11)

A special thank you to Mr Parson’s for organizing this event.