17 Feb

  • By lukeb

17th February marked the annual Careers Day, where businesses get to look at the new student talent that is available, and students get to see what jobs there are in the big wide world.

Attended by 6th Formers, the event showcased a number of speakers, including Malcolm Ward, ex CEO of Wolsey, “What makes a Business Sustainable and Successful, and Why does it Matter to You?”, and Charlie Ryan, the Recruitment Queen, “Taking Yourself to Market”.

“Very useful. A fantastic opportunity to sit down with the students and really drill down into the qualities and potential that there is. Also a good time to network with other businesses. – Thank You.” Richard Hearn, local business leader.

“Yes, having this chance boosted my confidence in hope for a job in the future. Although I am not leaving this year I feel having the opportunity to speak to business owners was a great stepping stone in looking ahead and planning on what I want to become when going into business. When speaking to owners and telling them what I see myself doing in business a few recommended the kind of job I may fit into too which was very useful and encouraging. I will use this to think about where I may like to work next year.” Aquila Markham, Year 12 student.

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