10 Oct

  • By Duane

Focus Stoke Poges Students are now able to use the latest Design and Technology equipment and industry standard Computer Aided Design software to design, develop, visualise and manufacture their own products.

Sheet materials such as acrylic and plywood can be cut and engraved on the NEW GCC Laser Pro laser cutter. Shapes from blister packaging to prototype hairdryers can be moulded in a range of plastics on the NEW Vacuum Former. The NEW Bag Press System enables multiple layers of wood veneers to be laminated into interesting forms to produce anything from kitchen utensils to cantilever chair frames. The NEW awe inspiring metal casting equipment gives many opportunities to produce small production runs of highly polished metal merchandise. Wood, metal and plastic materials can now be cut and machined using a comprehensive range of tools and machinery in a healthy dust controlled environment.

So it’s over to the imagination of each student on campus, there are now no limitations to their design, making and profit generating potential.


Mr Keith Rowbottom | DT Teacher