24 Mar

  • By Duane

On Thursday 23rd March we had our End of Term Assembly. Mrs Dickinson started by giving us an overview of the term and the events which took place. This was followed by our present Yr. 11 students collecting their Yr. 10 GCSE Certificates in Science and Citizenship. Mrs Corio and Ms Akhtar gave out the Green Praise Card rewards and Ms Brereton the PEP Winners– see results below. Our upper school choir sang us two songs , many thanks again to Mrs Jennie Ker for her help and time. Mr Craig Gulley spoke to us about our students needing to take control over their future and own it. Give it all they have got and make every effort with all the resources they have accessible to them without letting distractions steal their time. This was followed by a video clip which had been shown at a conference at Exchange Place the day before titled ‘ I see something’ a story of a man where others saw potential in him and while they were prepared to create an environment for him to explore resources in, he had to find that potential and realise it.