24 Apr

  • By AR

On Wednesday 29th March, a group of students from Stoke Poges Campus went on their annual trip to Dunkirk, combining opportunities to speak French, shop, study history, geography and culture. The day started very early but passed by really quickly as it was packed with activities and places to see.

Thank you to our wonderful drivers, without whom this event could not take place: Craig and Alice Markham, Alan Gibson and Josie Parsons. You gave up your time to accompany the trip and it is much appreciated. We know how busy you all are. Thank you to Ruth Abigail Williams for driving half the night to get to the pick up point. Thank you to staff left behind at Stoke Poges Campus who covered classes while we were out. You are all amazing! I know the students had a great day. Merci, merci, merci.