18 Jul

  • By Duane

On Friday 17th July, students, parents, trustees and staff joined together to say farewell to Mrs Smith in a wonderful event held at SPC. The celebration of success was not only about our students’ accomplishments, but also Mrs Smith’s achievements in her time at our school. Mrs Smith was such an inspiration to all, and epitomised the attributes of a true leader: commitment, positivity, trustworthiness and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Mrs Smith spoke of her absolute gratitude at being able to work at SPC and how she felt totally overwhelmed by the student and parent visits to her office before and after the event, the countless e-mails she was sent and the many, many gifts that she received. In addition she reflected on the words spoken by Steve Jay, our trustees, students and parents, and promised that they will always remain with her.

This was a memorable event for an inspirational headteacher that truly showed the gratitude from us all for all Mrs Smith accomplished in her time at SPC.