13 Nov

  • By Loren Robertson

This year’s house music event was held on 23rd October.  As ever, it was a highlight of the school year, providing an opportunity for students to participate in musical activities that enhance and extend a wide range of key skills beyond those which are encountered in daily classroom routines.

All students were required to participate.  Many – from Year 7 through to Year 13 – took on a leadership role or assisted in some aspect of the organisation, in addition to the key focus of performance.

The ‘positive buzz’ on the day was immediately picked up by our adjudicator, whose task was all the more difficult as all performances were of a very high standard.  The mark scheme used by displayed on the G/T noticeboard for several weeks before the event (together with ‘top tips’ from a similar event that I attended the previous week!)  The feedback given was based on this criteria.  In addition, the target that I has set all students – appropriate acknowledgement of the audience – was taken into account, along with extra credit given for performing without the use of a backing track.

Regrettably, we have still been unable to procure the services of an accompanist.  Is there a talented member of the community available for next year?

The unison section requires each house to perform a song in unison.  The other section enables competitors to select their instrument(s); the student voice will inevitably reflect personal skills.  A range of instruments, including voice, is encouraged and it was lovely to hear performances on the flute, piano and guitar as well as vocal items.

During the day we were privileged to witness high standards of achievement from all of our students – they were fabulous!

Mrs S Field