29 Nov

  • By AR

The Junior Executive Team of Students (JETS) have been initiated to help maintain the continuous development of  Stoke Poges Campus and ensure that we as a school are striving for a pursuit of excellence and that we are being the best that we can possibly be.

L-R: Duane Humphreys, Amos Markham, Rick Eagle, Hettie Hearn and Ayrton Silcock

School Event & Enterprise JET – Amos Markham

The School Event & Enterprise JET is responsible for negotiating between Staff and Students in the organisation of school events that occur throughout the year. This allows for better coordination between Staff and Students to make sure that each event is successful in its own right. Events include;

House Music Competition

Enterprise Day

End of Term Concerts / Events / Assemblies

Tournament / Sports Day

Quiz Days

In order to ensure that everyone is informed properly about events, the JET works closely with the Charity & Community JET.

Student Voice JET – Hettie Hearn

The Student Voice JET has the role of ensuring that the Student Voice is heard within the school and that any suggestions/ideas made by students to develop the school even further are directed in the right channels and followed up. The JET is also an active and responsible part of the Student Council as this is a very large channel of communication for Student Voice. The JET is responsible for implementing the ‘Student Passport’ system, as well as taking part in surveys which inform improvement projects.

Charity & Community JET – Ayrton Silcock

The Charity & Community event is responsible for any events that may be related to charitable fundraising or giving. They take an active part in elevating charity awareness in the school by organising different events throughout the year that will enable the school to give to charity. Furthermore, the JET is responsible for ensuring that communication from the school to the parents is strong and consistent to allow parents to be constantly kept up to date with what is happening in the school by newsletters, new videos and photos on the website. The JET also works closely with staff in developing and presenting resource material for SMSC and British values.

School Environment & Culture JET – Duane Humphreys

The Student Environment & Culture JET is responsible for the learning environment around the school, ensuring that is appropriate so students are able to reach their full potential. This means that the different learning areas, especially in the Learning Centre, are used in the correct manner and that a culture of excellence and determination is created as a result. They are also responsible for making sure that the prefects who are assigned to the SDL zones carry out their job properly. It is their responsibility to ensure cleaning rotas are put up in common rooms to ensure these are kept clean and tidy. There is still a huge amount of potential for lunchtime activities and clubs – this could be worked on with the student wellbeing JET. The JET is answerable for any improvements that may be suggested to improve the environment. The role also involves making the school grounds a safer and happier environment to be in.

Primary & Transition JET – Rick Eagle

The Primary & Transition JET coordinates increased collaboration between the Reading Primary school and Stoke Poges Campus. This involves suggesting and helping organise events that involve both the primary and secondary students. This involves organising a few students to visit the primary school and carrying out an assembly once in a while. This is in order for links to be built between senior students and primary students before they start the senior school. The JET also plays a huge role in the induction of Year 6 into Year 7 and works closely with the headteacher and Mrs Corio to ensure the transition is as enjoyable and informative as possible.