16 Nov

  • By AR
Thursday 18th October at Stoke Poges was a morning full of years 7 and 8 in the cooking room- the time had come for Stoke Poges Mini MasterChef 2018.
All year 7 and 8 students were given as many ingredients as we could think of, an apron, a bowl of 280g homemade buttercream icing, piping bags and 30 minutes (+10 for tidying up) to decorate 4 cupcakes to the best skill and standard they possibly can.  The concentrated looks on their faces while piping, the determined sighs as ‘their cake nearly toppled over’ and the breath of relief when each one of them finished on time just proved the effort they put in. We had a grill with fire and ‘marshmallows’, a hole-in-one golf course, perfectly piped ‘cupcakes I would buy in a shop’, Halloween themed ghost, chocolate shard cupcake, a flower, a campfire, aliens, a bridge, a spider, a snow cupcake and even one with all 4 stacked on top of each other, iced with biscoff spread and melted chocolate.
It was such a hard job to judge the 20 sets of cupcakes produced however the winner for year 7 was Harrison Silcock for his originality and creativity in his tall biscoff and chocolate cupcake tower, closely followed by Lavinia Schlaudraff for her identical dainty cupcakes which so consistent and neat and also Peria Ching had a special shout-out for her amazingly neat and perfect piping which she did with no help whatsoever.  The winner for year 8 was Annie Douglass for her well-presented mouth-watering chocolate themed cupcakes, closely followed by Sam Woolgar for his innovation in writing on the plate the theme which each appealing cupcake represents.
 Every student took part with so much enthusiasm and creativity making it a very enjoyable first event of the year for all so thankyou to all the students.  Also a special thankyou goes to Mrs Batts for giving up her time to supervise the cooking room and to also judge along with the Ms Thomas and Mrs Tucker for having to make the hard decision of the winner and to the sixth-formers who gave up time to help out.
…Watch this space for exciting details and dates for the bake-off this term!