25 Sep

  • By Loren Robertson

23rd & 25th September:  SDL Training with Karim Al-Abbas from ‘Enlighten Education’ worked with our students to help develop the skills required to become an effective ‘Self Directed Learners’.  Karim is a leading world class memory expert, who works with Schools, Universities and various prestigious clients such as the National Kuwait Banking federation to expand peoples thinking, improve analytical abilities and to become self-starters.

Some of our student feedback . . .

“An interesting session, lots of tips and techniques to help us to remember. Some were very unusual. The stories were funny and having rooms to put things in actually worked. It will help me in my revision.”

“I think it was a great talk and it was very funny and I learnt a lot. Karim was very clever and great fun. My favourite bit was when we started drawing with our non-writing hand.”

“I thought the mind maps were very helpful and I can see how they help you to remember information. Your brain remembers 80% of what you do in colour.”

“We learnt to always do work in landscape view as you can see more that in portrait and helps you take on information easier.”

“The use of colour made things easier to read – this will help in lessons.”

“We have used mind maps in history today– it makes it so easy to remember and I have learnt more.  I can still remember the stories he told us which helps with the periodic table.”

“I really want to use colour to help me learn my French vocab”

“I remember that Marie Currie was 67 when she died; married Pierre and you can remember her name as Marry curry and use pictures of a ring and a curry to help”

“Your right brain can remember colour and clapping and your left brain likes lists and words… use both sides together for best memory”

“The story was funny and turned out to be ways to remember countries! It’s so easy.”