01 Apr

  • By Duane

On Friday 31st March, the Year 13 class of Stoke Poges Campus, Mr & Mrs Ian Robertson and Mr & Mrs John Gulley left from Gatwick Airport destined for the city of Hamburg. We began the trip by visiting the St. Nickolai memorial. Here, there was a museum which provided very interesting information about the destruction of Hamburg in the Second World war. After this, we went on a river-bus which took us from one quay to another. We were all ravenous by the time we arrived at the other side and all had developed a fairly sizeable appetite for German sausage and chips with curry sauce. However, when we arrived, the restaurant had closed! So, we quickly caught the next riverboat and went and enjoyed sausage and chips somewhere else! On the second day, we had the opportunity of visiting the Neuengamme Concentration camp where we shown around by a tour guide. There were 6000 survivors when this camp closed down. They were loaded on two ships to be taken to safety but sadly, during the journey, the British accidentally bombed down the ships and this left only 450 survivors. We then went back into Hamburg City centre and enjoyed burgers from the ‘Jim Block’ Restaurant. The trip was both very enjoyable and educational and a huge thank you goes to Mr Ian & Mrs Jenny Robertson who organised this fantastic visit!