15 Mar

  • By Loren Robertson

A report from the French exchange students on their trip to Windsor.

This day we went to Windsor Castle to watch the changing of the Guard. After that we visited the Castle with Fiorenzo, Delwyn, Clayton Yannis, Joel and Rolf. We just thought that the guards were very crazy because they were always shouting! The visit to the Castle was very interesting. We then went to the Fudge Kitchen. For Lunch we ate at McDonald’s. Mr Mark Hearn and his Wife very kindly took the time to take us –thank you!

We would like to thank all the students and the teachers for coping with us.  We would like to thank everybody in the school, and especially the Year 13’s because they did a lot for us in organising a lot of activities to do after the school day.

Fiorenzo, Delwyn, Clayton and Yannis