25 Jan

  • By Duane



The winter tournament was a day which was relished by all. The atmosphere was bustling with gusto. With the 3 new teams everybody was excited to see them face each other.  The boys began with basketball in the morning, and the girls started with hockey over at the astro turf pitches. The basketball was won overall by team raiders (they are amazing), and the girls hockey was won overall by the warriors.  After lunch and a brief sighting of the other half of our teams the boys headed over to the 3G pitches to participate in some breathtakingly amazing football, once again the raiders won overall in the football and in the basketball it was troopers.  After all of the action everyone headed over to the basketball hall to find out what team had triumphed overall.  You can probably guess who the winner is by reading the previous babble…obviously it was RAIDERS!!!!!!! One clap for Raiders