Curriculum – Key Stage 4 

GCSE examinations will begin in Year 9 and will last for three years (Year 9-11). It is expected that schools work collaboratively to best utilise the knowledge, skills and experience of teachers in order to ensure every student has access to the GCSE suite of options most suited to them. At Key Stage 4 students study for GCSE examinations with most students taking between 8 and 10 different qualifications in Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Citizenship, French, Food, Art, Design Technology and other subjects.  At this stage, the skills developed in earlier years should ensure that teachers are not just teaching to the exam, but that a deeper understanding of the subjects can be explored, and our goal of each student reaching or exceeding their minimum expected grade (MEG) can still be achieved.

‘The quality of students’ personal development is outstanding. They are well cared for and feel safe at school. Students develop a strong awareness of the features of British society, a good understanding of the law and a respect for democracy’. (SIS Inspection Report 2016)