Aspire is a non-qualification school based Personal Development Course of 30 lessons.

The course helps students to develop and appreciate the wider world with a greater understanding of issues they will need to be equipped to face in their everyday lives. In order to deliver a world class education It is a compulsory requirement that we teach students these fundamental skills. This subject will not require students to sit an exam. However, there may be some opportunities to complete activities such as YE (Young Enterprise).

Aspire will cover a variety of topics that are important for our students well-being within their general lives. Some topics covered include; Awareness, Problem solving, Inspiration and leadership development, Readiness for the world of work and entrepreneurial skills development.

In Aspire we offer a variety of lessons covering important everyday life issues as well as contemporary topics to engage students with the world around them. The aim is to give them a useful and realistic view of current affairs and to give them life skills to complement the qualifications they gain whilst studying at Stoke Poges campus.

– Are you Aware?

S – Can you Solve it?

P – Can you Present?

I – Do you Inspire?

R – Are you Ready?

E – Are you Enterprising?