Curriculum – Key Stage 5 

All students stay on to complete Years 12 and 13, with most studying 3 full A Level subjects.

In view of all students expanding their minds in a broad and balanced way, subjects from a variety of strands as detailed in this document should be chosen. There is greater choice to facilitate Self-Directed Learning. Vocational education is supported for all students through the Careers Advantage Programme and other vocational courses, and where necessary the availability of a selection of online business orientated courses.

OneSchool has organised a range ofcourses that are taught through Video Conferencing. These courses differ greatly from previous VC lessons. Students have a dedicated teacher, pre-recorded lessons and assignments to access via Canvas to support their learning.

‘The school also provides an excellent range of additional activities, events and opportunities which broaden students’ experience and skills and contribute strongly to their outstanding personal development and good achievement’. (SIS Inspection Report 2016)